【Nanatural Honey Special Set B】

【Nanatural Honey Special Set B】

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Owner Nana's Select!!


・ Alfalfa

454g from Pennsylvania

・ White Acacia

Contents 454g from Pennsylvania

・ Avocado Honey

Contents 340g Made in California

3 honeys in total

With honey dipper


Avocado honey in the morning

(It is recommended to dissolve it in normal temperature water or plain hot water and add a little salt to it.)

After daytime, alfalfa and mountain are recommended for snacks and before going to bed.

We have selected 3 recommended bottles for those who are a little used to honey life.



-------- White Acacia --------

Very elegant and creamy, white honey. Acacia has been poorly harvested these days. Among them, white acacia, which is especially valuable, is also valuable because the amount that can be manufactured is not so large. It is a flavor that has few habits and is a favorite of honey beginners and children.

The slightly fragrant floral and aroma are very elegant, perfect for when you want to relax. "I don't know which kind to pick up !!" I recommend this White Acacia Honey.



-------- Alfalfa --------

The fluffy texture and pure white alfalfa honey is also recommended for herbal teas when you want to take a break.Since I can't imagine only unfamiliar honey, I often get asked "what kind of honey?", But it is exactly "honey that is very easy to eat and has little habit". The repeat rate is very high, and we have received many voices such as "I'm addicted to it!"




【Avocado Honey】

Have you heard of avocado honey? It is said that California, which is very rare in Japan and has a favorable climate, is suitable for growing avocados. Such California avocados bloom. The avocado honey collected from the nectar is black because of its high mineral content. At first glance, many people are surprised because it is black, but the fragrance like black honey and the familiar deep taste like brown sugar are actually honeys that Japanese people are familiar with.






Do not give to children under 1 year old.

Do not simmer in boiling water. It will compromise the quality of the honey.  

Raw honey does not spoil, but it crystallizes over time.  

There is no problem with the quality.

Please stir and enjoy

* The color and texture of natural honey changes depending on the season, the amount of honey, and the weather.

That is also a proof of nature.

Because it is an overseas product, there may be scratches on the bottle and lid. note that.