【Nanatural Dried Fruits】Your Choice of 6 Pack

【Nanatural Dried Fruits】Your Choice of 6 Pack

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Nanatural   Dried Fruits 6 Bags

Nanatural Organic Dried Fruits

Country of manufacture USA

* You can choose from 6 types from the list below.

(Please refer to the following for product details)

SOLD OUT _ [Dates] Dates 400g

SOLD OUT_[Apricot] Apricot 400g

SOLD OUT_[Fig] Fig 400g

SOLD OUT_[Bing Cherrie] Bing Cherry 230g

[Banana Chips] Banana Chips 200g

[Mango] Mango 200g

(2021/6/9 We have changed the content of mango from 300g to 200g at our discretion.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding in choosing mango. )






________ Description of item________

[1] Mango Mango

Content 200g

Recommended by Nana ♡

It is full of natural sweetness and tropical feeling.  

Organic Mexican mango with no additives or sweeteners.  

It is a big deal because we procure the sweetest and carefully selected "teak" in mango.

At the peak of aging, the organic mango is peeled and cut by hand, so you can feel the difference.  

Rich in dietary fiber!

Certified organic by CCOF and USDA.

★ Can be stored for up to 1 year in a sealed and refrigerated state after opening. Can be frozen.

[2] Apricots Apricot

Content 400g

Turkish apricots have an elegant, packed sweetness that is perfect for adding to treats, recipes and baked goods.

Apricot, which is said to be good for beautiful skin and eyes, has a good response to eating and is perfect for snacks when you are hungry.



[3] Bing Cherries Cherry

Content 200g

Despite the small size of dried cherries from California, they are full of adult sweetness.

Recommended for making granola, making sweets, and salads (it goes well with feta cheese).




★ Can be stored for up to 1 year in a sealed and refrigerated state after opening. Can be frozen.

[4] Banana Chips Banana Chips

Content 200g

Recommended by Nana ♡

Using the banana as it is, I made natural and slightly sweet chips.

Made with coconut oil and coconut sugar.  

Both adults and children are addicted to it.

It's chewy, so it stays firmly in your stomach.

★ After opening, avoid high temperature and humidity and store in close contact.Up to 6 months.

No refrigeration required.

____Nanatural Dried Fruits____

Dried fruits packed with sweetness

Also recommended for snacks and healthy complete meals.

We have collected the finest dried fruits from all over the world.


Package is also Non GMO, BPA Free

Composting is possible.

※preservation method  

Please check the items marked with a star in each item description.


Packed in the same facility as peanuts, nuts, soybeans and dairy products.

Do not take if you have allergies.

※Consumption period

Depending on the item, it can be refrigerated or frozen.

Please see the item description column.