Selectable [California Honey] 4 pack

Selectable [California Honey] 4 pack

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Natural Honey 4-piece set

Product: Raw honey

Contents: 340g × 4

Origin: California America


* The maximum number of Cacao or Super honey is two.  


1, Creamed Honey Popular NO1!

After all it is popular NO 1 !! Very creamy as the name suggests.

Cream honey uses a special cream machine to stir the crystallized clover honey and liquid honey while controlling the temperature appropriately so that it does not get hot, and slowly mix it like a whip. By matching, like this It becomes creamy.

It has a high viscosity and can be said to be honey with a sticky nature.

Very easy to eat and recommended for beginners.

Creamed Honey The concept of honey changed after eating! We have received many voices so far.

For customers Nanatural It is very popular with the staff as "easy to eat!" You can feel the season from the colors and textures.

In summer, it has a yellowish and mellow texture. In winter, the texture is white and a little hard. Depending on the amount of rain, it may have a thick texture or crystals may occur, which is also a proof of nature. Feel the seasons and the blessings of only one bottle, and enjoy!




2, Creamed Cinnamon Honey

- With organic Ceylon cinnamon -

Creamy honey (Creamed Honey) [Please refer to the above] I mixed good quality cinnamon with.

The spice that spreads in your mouth is highly recommended for cinnamon lovers.

Sweets honey that reminds me of Yatsuhashi, like eating cinnamon rolls. You can enjoy it like a dessert.

It goes very well with coffee.

Nanatural Honey It is a honey that has many repeaters among the fans of.




3,Creamed Lemon Honey Popular NO2!

- With organic lemon extract -
Creamy honey(Creamed Honey)[Please refer to the above] Mixed with good quality organic lemon extract.

Honey and lemon are a royal combination.

If you dissolve it in water or plain hot water and add natural salt, it will be a sports drink that is easy for children to drink.

If you're not good at honey, choose Lemon Honey. The sweetness of clover honey softens the sourness of lemon.



organic What is Lemon Extract? ? A natural lemon extract that uses no chemical fragrances, additives or chemicals. Remo Extract is the best when lemon oil is soaked in water and alcohol. Lemon liquid is extracted by applying low limit heat with steam. USDA Uses safe raw materials.It is different from chemically synthesized fragrances.

4.Cacao Honey

- With organic cocoa powder -  

The combination of honey and cacao is a treasure chest of beauty and nutrition.

It has a very mellow sweetness and the taste is chocolate itself.

You can apply it to toast and eat it, and it is very popular with children.Because it uses cocoa powder instead of raw cacao, it seems easy for children to eat.

Try breaking cocoa honey and hot milk into cocoa. Try using it to make sweets.Try making chocolate whipped cream with fresh cream.

There are many ways to use cacao honey that can be arranged very well.

It is also recommended as a healthy substitute for those who cannot quit white sugar, over-the-counter sweets, and cheap chocolate with plenty of vegetable oil. Cacao honey is so versatile!Please enjoy yourself!



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5 .Honey Comb

Hanicom is a honeycomb.You can enjoy it whole.

It is a traditional way to eat honey in Europe and the United States. Try putting it on a cracker with Hanicom and salty natural cheese. Also as a snack for wine.

Hanicom, which is served in its natural state, has a crispy texture and delicious honey that overflows in the mouth.It is also recommended for making dressings and sauces that do not heat.


Usually Hanicom 60°C It is better not to warm the above.



6, Super Honey

- With propolis, royal jelly and pollen -

The taste is more sour than sweet. Superfoods Honey is blended with other superfoods (propolis, royal jelly, pollen). In Europe and Europe and the United States, Super Honey, which is called a natural supplement and is sometimes lined up in the supplement corner, is very versatile.We recommend that you have one in your family!

Please refrain from breastfeeding, pregnant women, or those with severe allergies as they may cause allergies to propol is. Rash, rarely due to constitution or physical condition Please note that symptoms such as stomach discomfort and diarrhea may occur.

Bee pollen is often raised to the top. This is for honey crystallization, so please stir it with a rough spoon before consuming.



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7. Creamed Pumpkin Spice Honey

Pumpkin spices are mainly Halloween It refers to the spice mix used in the season.

Surprisingly from the name, it doesn't include a pumpkin.

It is blended with spices made from organic "cinnamon," "ginger," "gloves," "nutmeg," and "all spices" and California white clover honey.

Typical of America " pumpkin pie " The gentle sweetness reminiscent of the autumn season makes you feel relaxed.

In the fall, hot drinks using pumpkin pie spices are lined up in coffee shops and other places in the United States. Mix with hot milk or hot latte to make a natural pumpkin spice drink or latte at home! Why don't you try it?

The more you smile, the warmer your mind and body will be.

This pumpkin spice honey is highly recommended when consuming caffeine such as coffee.


8. Avocado Honey

Have you heard of avocado honey?

California, which is extremely rare in Japan and has a favorable climate, is said to be suitable for growing avocados. Such California avocados bloom. The avocado honey collected from the nectar is black, The reason for its black color is its high mineral content.

At first glance, many people are surprised because it is black, but the scent like black honey and the familiar deep taste like brown sugar are actually honey that Japanese people are familiar with. is.



9.Cactus Honey

Nectar collected by bees from flowers that bloom on cacti that have grown in the sun in Southern California. Cactus flowers bloom colorfully depending on the season and season.

Tex that changes with the season, such as being thick, hard, and jerky Cactus honey with a very characteristic char.

The golden Cactus honey turns dark beige or white when crystallized.

Cactus Honey, who is often said to be "popular with men and easy to eat!" It is characterized by a very high degree of sweetness and few habits.





Do not give to children under 1 year old.

Do not simmer in boiling water. It will compromise the quality of the honey.  

Raw honey does not spoil, but it crystallizes over time.  

There is no problem with the quality.

Please stir and enjoy

* The color and texture of natural honey changes depending on the season, the amount of honey, and the weather.

That is also a proof of nature.

Because it is an overseas product, there may be scratches on the bottle and lid. note that.




Precautions about Propolis / Royal Jelly

1: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please do not consume.

2: If you have asthma or allergies, Do not consume as it may cause allergic symptoms.

3: Rash, stomach discomfort, rarely depending on constitution and physical condition Please note that symptoms such as diarrhea may occur.