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Nanatural Inc., the operator of Nanatural Honey, has so farWe have been honey hunting by ordering honey from all over the world.

As high quality as possible, And what customers can enjoy with peace of mind,I met while continuing to collect them Based on "Pure White Canadian Honey"
New honey has joined the ranks as Nanatural Honey Original.


This time it's a little different from the honey we've used so far.

Please enjoy this honey with high quality and warmth of people!



Nanatural Honey Originalteeth

Blended based on the highest quality Canadian honey.

The difference between honey so far is that this time it is not a single honey but a hundred flower honey and a wild flower.

The power of flowers, which are the source of honey, is1One1The charm of one flower is this1It's packed in two honeys.




Canadian honey tends to crystallize very rapidly, and Alberta honey usually crystallizes within a few days of bottling.

The crystalNanatural Honey OriginalProduces a fluffy feeling.


A team of beekeepers traveled around Canada to produce the highest quality honey, starting with a land search.

The most important condition for producing good honey is still the condition of the soil. Beekeeping in a clean environment requires consideration of a radius of 3 km (or 28 square kilometers) around the banned hive, which is not easy.

It is also very difficult to keep the quality of the honey itself high if beekeeping is done near traditional farms, factories and various urban developments.


Not only that, all the items used for beekeeping are organic and free of chemicals. Is also important.


We are confident in beekeeping after considering all of them.




Enjoy our Original honey!

Why Nanatural?

“世界トップクラス” のはちみつをハントし、人々に届けることに専念してきました...



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