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Selectable [European Collection] 4 pack

Selectable [European Collection] 4 pack

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Notice of revision of European collection contents
Thank you for using our store. We would also like to express our gratitude for your continued patronage of our products.
Regarding the following products that have been patronized by everyone, Since honey is a natural product, texture changes and crystallization occur. We will revise the product price and change the content. note that.There is no change in the bottle size used.
Target product / European Collection
Chamaenerion   / Gold Linden  / White Acacia  / Donnnik  / Berry/Mix Flower
Contents 2Ib(900g) Revised to


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[European Collection] 4 books ( You can choose from the following)

New !! Creamy Acacia 900g

Donnik 900g

White Acacia 900g

Chamaenerion 900g

Gold Linden 900g

Berry 900g

Mix Flower 900g

Ural Mountain 900g

Native 900g

Tilia Honey 900g

Meadow Honey 900g




New !! Creamy Acacia from Siberia

Beekeeping took place in the taiga of the Siberian region.

It is a very valuable honey that can be harvested in a completely wild area that is about 270 km deep in the mountains.

The taste is very easy to eat and is characterized by a caramel-like flavor.

It's one of the most popular honeys! 


Siberian Donnik from Russia / Siberia

It is easier to eat than the donnicks on the market, and it has a fluffy and thick texture.

Yellowish white.

Please enjoy the aroma first before opening the lid and eating a bite.It has a soothing, soft scent that women love. It is an elegant and finest donnic honey that is very addictive.

White Acacia from Russia

Luxury simple honey with 95% acacia as the source of honey.As the name suggests, the honey itself is white and has the softness of fluffy and fluffy when shaken.

(It may have a stiffer texture in cold places.)

Acacia has no habit among honeys and is easy to eat, so it is also recommended for children and beginners of honey.The gentle acacia flower scent that spreads the moment you open the lid has a soothing aroma even before you eat it.

It is recommended for anyone, so if you want to take in honey, we recommend you to try this one white acacia first.



Siberian Chamaenerion

Charmerion is a genus of flowering plants of the family Evening Primrose (Evening Primrose or Evening Primrose). It may also be included in the genus Epilobium.It usually has purple to pink flowers. These are found only in the Northern Hemisphere.No flowers will be born unless the habitat is a little damp.

The honey produced by the bees is a yellowish white color. The color will change from the time of harvest. The texture is a little hard, but you can create a very elegant scent just by adding a spoonful to tea or herbal tea.

A beekeeper's recommendation for those who want to spend their time energetic.

When you open the lid, the scent of charmerion flowers drifts, and you can feel how the manufacturing method is in harmony with nature.

Russian Gold Linden

Linden from Russia is well known as the healthiest and highest quality honey in the world. This gold linden is nectared from the flowers of the trees (linden) in the meadow.

Linden flowers have long been considered good for remedies in Russia. This long-established linden honey changes color and texture depending on when it is harvested.

It has a golden tint on white and a refreshing scent reminiscent of citrus orange.

This linden honey is recommended by beekeepers to take with lemon. Perfect for the coming cold season.At the turn of the season.

Ukrainian Mix Flower Honey

Mix Flower Honey was beekeeping in the mountains extending from Central Europe to Eastern Europe.

Honey extracted from nectars of wild flowers (dandelion, clover, alfalfa, etc.) spreading in the grasslands of the mountains in northwestern Ukraine.  

The color of honey ranges from golden to orange.

It is fruity and easy to eat, and has a jerky and firm texture.

As the color suggests, it has a pleasant aroma and taste reminiscent of orange sorbet.  

It is full of the charm of many flower aromas that can only be created by mixed flowers (100 flower nectar in Japanese). It is reflected in all the aromas and textures, and in Europe, the honey harvested here is well known for its high nutritional value, and it is one that you can feel the natural sweetness and high freshness born from nature.


Ukraina Berry Honey

Beekeeping was carried out in the mountains extending from Central Europe to Eastern Europe.

The wild berry honey born in the Carpathian Mountains is

Honey mainly extracted from wild berry flowers.

Thick, high-quality pale yellow honey with a pleasantly soft berry scent and delicate taste. 

In Ukraine, wild berry honey is said to have been incorporated into households for a long time.

Honey whose honey source is berry is one of the few honeys in the world.

It has a uniqueness that is far from honey, which the general public thinks of.


Russian Ural Mountain Honey (Mountain Honey)

* Please refrain from those with strong allergies to Asteraceae.

Honey source / Iris flower (Irises) Aster flower (Aster) Golden rod (Solidago virgaurea)

Beekeeping ground / Eural Mountains Russia

Mountain Honey from the Ural Mountains, which is said to be the oldest in the existing mountains

Also known as Meadow Honey, they are nectarized by bees from the flowers that bloom at the foot of the mountain.

The texture is toro toro jari.The color is dull brown.

It has a refreshing taste even in the sweetness.

This way of incorporating is recommended

・ Mix with herbal tea

・ Soak in sliced lemon and orange

・ Soak in sliced ginger

·Eat something as it is

・ Dissolve in water or plain hot water

Russian native honey (mountain honey)

* Please refrain from those with strong allergies to Asteraceae.

Honey source / Iris flower (Irises) Aster flower (Aster) Golden rod (Solidago virgaurea)

Beekeeping ground / Altai Mountains Russia

Native Honey from the Altai Mountains

The more it is named Native, the more

Honey from the mountains, where the blessings of nature have been passed down for a long time.

The texture is Toro Toro.The color is dark yellow to brown.

Native Honey, which has a caramel-like sweetness, is the easiest to eat among the usually addictive Mountain Honey.

This way of incorporating is recommended

・ Mix with coffee

・ Mix with herbal tea

·Eat something as it is

Meadow Honey

Meadow Honey born from a powerful combination of Asteraceae, clover and thyme.

Flowers that are often used in flower remedies are abundantly packed as honey source flowers.

Not only that, the charm is fruity.

Even though it is a honey in a frigid region, it has a tropical feeling like orange like mango.


It is recommended to eat it as it is, but try dissolving it in green tea

It is also recommended to dissolve it in water or plain hot water!

* Please refrain from those with strong allergies to Asteraceae.


Tilia Honey

Tilia Tilia and Linden families.It is often called Linden Honey, but the reason it is called Tilia Honey is that the Linden flowers that bloom in Ural have different aromatic powers.

Tilia is also used as a raw material for herbal teas and is preferred by locals when they want to relax.


This is also very fruity.

Apple-like, and the fluffy softness of the flowers spreads later, and is a refreshing honey.

It is recommended to eat this as it is, but you can try it by dissolving it in green tea.

It is also recommended to dissolve it in water or plain hot water!


Do not give to children under 1 year old.

* Do not simmer in boiling water. It will compromise the quality of the honey.

* Raw honey does not spoil, but it crystallizes over time.

There is no problem with the quality. Please stir and enjoy

* Because it is an overseas product, there may be scratches on the bottle and lid. note that.

* Honey is a natural product. Honey may contain impurities such as pollen and beehive debris. It is also a proof of pure honey and the blessings of nature.

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