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Selectable [Pennsylvania Honey] 6 pack

Selectable [Pennsylvania Honey] 6 pack

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Pennsylvania Honey

6-piece set to choose from

Contents 4 5 4g each


It is a honey made with pride by people who are very particular about quality and who put their lives to honey.

They give top priority to delivering the highest quality raw honey.

" If your customers are always looking for pure honey, be sure to pick up the honey we deliver."

I am so proud and devoted to making good honey.

It is bottled in its raw form as close to nature as possible and is not heated, added, processed or syruped to bees.

Gathered in the best of environment and vast nature by a German community known as non-technical.

The area they live in is far from the city and people have an old-fashioned lifestyle that is unthinkable in modern times.

From beekeeping to honey bottling, we don't use machines or plastic.In a wooden building built in nature

Each honey is manually bottled, and it is carefully manufactured by taking time in the old-fashioned process.

Their way of life is timeless and values harmony with nature. That's what it's great.

You can feel it in the honey as well.Precious raw honey bottled with all your heart

Please enjoy this opportunity.

White Acacia popular NO2!

Very elegant and creamy, white honey. Acacia has been poorly harvested these days. Among them, white acacia, which is especially valuable, is also valuable because the amount that can be manufactured is not so large.It is a flavor that has few habits and is a favorite of honey beginners and children.The slightly fragrant floral and aroma are very elegant, perfect for when you want to relax.

"I don't know which kind to pick up !!" I recommend this White Acacia Honey.



Precious raw honey collected from German chamomile nectar. Chamomile flowers, called mother herbs, are on the side of women.

Chamomile, a white flower that spreads all at once with only wild power, is a blessing of the old earth.

Like herbal tea chamomile, it's the perfect companion for busy modern people when we want to take a break. It features a fluffy aroma and a mellow, elegant mouthfeel and creaminess peculiar to white honey. 

Note * Please refrain from pregnant people and people with allergies to Asteraceae.




The Japanese name is Western Dandelion.The elegant sweetness and melting texture are very addictive.

Recommended not only for women but also for men Nanatural Honey One of the honeys that men especially like.

Spoon Dandelion Honey when consuming coffee or caffeine 1.2 Please add a cup. * Caution * Please refrain from people who are allergic to Asteraceae.


Alfalfa popular NO3!

The fluffy texture and pure white alfalfa honey is also recommended for herbal teas when you want to take a break.Since I can't imagine only unfamiliar honey, I often get the question "What kind of honey?"

It is exactly "honey that is very easy to eat and has little habit". The repeat rate is very high, and we have received many voices such as "I'm addicted to it!"


Linden honey loved in Europe and Russia.It features a fluffy texture like raw caramel and an elegant sweetness.Linden honey, which has different feelings, is precious and mysterious. Many unique voices such as "I was not good at it, but I feel it is very delicious when I try to eat Linden after a long time!" Linden honey is one of the favorite honeys for women in Europe and Russia.The aftertaste is refreshing.

Linden flowers are also used for aromatherapy and herbal tea, and have been used as remedies for a long time.

Honeydew Melon

Pennsylvania is known for producing honeydew melons.In fact, this honeydew melon honey is hidden and popular. ( Usually called honey dew. ) The fluffy texture and richness give it a caramel-like image.

It has a high degree of sweetness and a refreshing aftertaste. A very pleasant aroma and taste remain. It goes well with toast, bagels and cheese. It is also recommended to make vegetable pickles with honeydew melon and vinegar.



As the name suggests, beekeeping took place in the mountains.elevation 500m A birdhouse is placed in the complete wild of.The sources of honey are oak trees, chestnuts, and bramble. ( Blackberry ) is.Raw mountain honey varies in color and taste depending on the season, but tends to be slightly thicker due to its low water content.It has a beautiful dark amber color. It has a fluffy, sweet, mild caramel aroma, a tropical floral aroma and an aftertaste reminiscent of tea tannins.Beekeepers highly recommend this honey and it is one of the top honeys in the world 5 It is a honey that we are confident that it will fit in.


Star Thistle

Star Thistle is one of the rare honeys in Japanese [thistle] and is obtained from a thorny plant called thistle.

Mysteriously, it is a sharp plant that is also called sashimi, but the moment it becomes the source of honey, it has a sweet, gentle and mellow taste.

Please scoop with a spoon and enjoy the scent and flavor on your tongue.

It's a flower with an unfamiliar name, but it's one of the most popular honeys in the world.

Such Star Thistle Honey has a pale golden color.

It has a very mild and pleasant floral taste and is said to be reminiscent of almonds and faint cinnamon.

Note * Please refrain from those who are allergic to Asteraceae.



Sage is a wild plant in the United States and is an integral part of honey production.

Sage is known to have an astringent effect and has a good fruity aroma, and is often used like rosemary for removing the smell of meat. The fruity and fluffy orange sage honey has a refreshing taste.It's a little quirky, but it's actually popular when it goes well with cheese. You can enjoy a wide range of things such as herbal tea, yogurt, and crackers.

Notice ※

Pregnant women, lactating women, people with epilepsy and other illnesses " Excessive intake " Please refrain from.

( There is a description from the manufacturer. )

Please refrain from those who are allergic to perilla.


Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a type of thistle and is "milk thistle" in Japanese. It is also famous as the liver herb of "Silymarin" contained in milk thistle. The nectar of this milk thistle flower produces a mild and sweet milk thistle honey that is hard to imagine from its thorny appearance. Honey colors range from pale yellow to dark amber.  

Since it is not sterilized at low temperature because it avoids machines such as hand-packing, it is a small amount in terms of ratio, but components such as enzymes are left as it is.It goes well with green tea and tea.It's a little hard, but it also has a fluffy feeling like white honey.

It is a honey with an elegant flavor and a refreshing aftertaste without the aroma being too tight.

In Europe, America and Europe " Honey that is perfect for moms " It is known as.



Clover  popular NO 1

After all, the popular clover honey is very easy to eat among honeys! Clover honey, a fluffy white honey, can be used for almighty and is the most popular among adults and children because of its ease of eating. There are so many repeaters, and their popularity is immovable!Easy to eat even for beginners! Recommended from any point of view with honey.Because it is a honey with no habit, it is a very popular honey that anyone can enjoy.





Do not give to children under 1 year old.

* Do not simmer in boiling water. It will compromise the quality of the honey.

* Raw honey does not spoil, but it crystallizes over time.

There is no problem with the quality. Please stir and enjoy

* Because it is an overseas product, there may be scratches on the bottle and lid. note that.

* Honey is a natural product. Honey may contain impurities such as pollen and beehive debris. It is also a proof of pure honey and the blessings of nature.

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